Muhlenberg Township Authority

The Muhlenberg Township Authority, or MTA, was formed in 1940. Ever since, the MTA has served as an independent municipal agency, entirely separate from Muhlenberg Township. The MTA provides safe, quality, and affordable water and wastewater services on a daily basis to over 9,200 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Muhlenberg Township, Borough of Laureldale, and portions of Alsace Township and the City of Reading. The Authority operates approximately 200 miles of water and sewer mains, and its storage facilities of well-sourced water have the capacity to hold approximately 4.5 million gallons of treated water. The MTA’s mission and purpose is to provide the upmost quality water and sanitary sewer disposal to all Authority customers, when they need it, at reasonable cost, and to establish projects for the benefit of present and future ratepayers.

Muhlenberg Township Authority has adopted the use of door hangers for customer notification of service to your property. If you find one on your door please read the instructions carefully and respond as requested by the instructions on the back of the hanger. Click here to view the door hanger.

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